At Lillypads, we realize that a baby’s first year of life is filled with enormous growth and development. Our curriculum for infants sets its own pace around the individual needs and unique differences of each child. Our teachers center their day around the schedules of each infant they care for. While meeting the basic needs of food, diapering and adequate rest, caring for our infants goes far beyond that. Our skilled teachers plan and nurture the interactions and activities that our infant’s behavior is identifying.

Catching every moment of a babies day offers opportunities for learning. Activities such as tummy time, singing, reading, sharing smiles and giggles are just a few of the ways that our teachers nurture our babies into reaching developmental milestones. Early interactions between a baby and their caregiver builds a sense of trust and confidence. As our babies grow into toddlers, our teachers nurture this bond while having fun at the same time.

  • We display family pictures in each child’s crib to emulate the child’s home environment.
  • Teachers key into the verbal and non-verbal messages the child is sending.
  • Creating a warm and loving environment for each baby to build a loving and trusting bond with our infant teachers.
  • Daily exercises and activities to stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development.
  • Educational and developmentally appropriate toys and materials designed for creating a bright and exciting environment for our infants.
  • Proper sanitation measures are followed on any toys that are orally contacted and are removed from the play area, washed and sanitized.
  • Teachers wash hands prior to entering the infant’s room and after diapering, nose wiping and food service.
  • All teachers are trained in CPR, First Aid and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • Our teachers have adopted the Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep Policy, “Back To Sleep”, as a preventive measure for SIDS.