At Lillypads, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in early childcare development. Thrugh the on-going support of the director and teachers we ensure that every area of our center is in compliance with all state regulations.

Our center is routinely inspected by a consultant with the North Carolina Child Care Division as well as additional unannounced inspections. During these visits, our consultant takes into consideration all areas of the center, inside and out. During each visit certain areas are evaluated:

  • Classroom educational & developmentally appropriate materials
  • Building, grounds and classroom cleanliness and maintenance
  • Appropriate room arrangement
  • Playground and play equipment
  • All child and staff records
  • Local and state agency reports
  • Food and nutrition preparation
Our parents share the confidence that we do; that our center is held to the highest standards. If a problem should arise, our center submits a corrective action plan to the Child Care consultant, with a pledge to rectify any non-compliance found.