Toddlers are a busy group-physically and verbally. Our program here at Lillypads provides an environment that develops the whole child. With the guidance of our teachers we strengthen each child’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical being.

Through play, children learn to explore, investigate and discover their independence while growing in confidence and self esteem. We provide developmentally appropriate toys and activities that encourage hands on manipulation. Building upon each child’s fine and gross motor skills that are developing at this time.

Throughout the day, teachers interact and listen attentively to our children. Our teachers encourage expressive language and self-help skills through all activities. Guiding each child to learn at their own pace and in ways that are best for them.

  • Preparing children to become enthusiastic learners.
  • Where play forms the foundation for “school” learning.
  • Educational and developmentally appropriate learning centers and materials.
  • Helping to form good habits and attitudes to provide them with self confidence, pride and a positive attitude.